MSI MOA 2013 – The results

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The battle is over and the 2013 MSI MOA Champion is… T0lsty, less than two weeks after winning the AOOC with his teammate cyclone, he is going home with 3000USD and the Master Overclocking Arena Champion title.

MSI MOA 2013 Winner T0lsty

The Ukrainian overclockers T0lsty submitted a 3DMark Firestrike score of 14736 points making it a 59.59% overclocking improvment compared to the base-score of 9891 points. The 3DMak FireStrike weight 40% on the total score, that truly assured T0lsty a good position with a total score of 143.06%.

Stage 3 3DMark FireStrike
Stage 3 3DMark FireStrike

Lucky_n00b (Indonesia) was in a tights battle with Xtreme Addict (Poland) for the second and third place. When the countdown timer turned to 0, Lucky_n00b was still running the 3DMark Firestrike benchmark on the live feed : the extra 60-ish point he got made him gain a few percentage and claim the second spot.

With the only SuperPi32M score under 5 minutes, Lucky_n00b improved the base-score of 56.64% coming from 7min 03.441 sec to 4m 59.015 sec.

Stage 1 SuperPi32M
Stage 1 SuperPi32M

Xtreme_Addict and Lucky_n00b had the exact same Cinebench R11.5 score, they basically fought all day long, that was really nice to watch. Both overclockers were head-to-head in CineBench R11.5 with the same score of 13.53 points at respectively 6200Mhz and 6161Mhz CPU Frequency. the base-score of Cinebench was 8,93 points.

Stage 2 : CineBench
Stage 2 : CineBench

Interesting enough SniperOZ (Australia), is very close in term of total point too, especially with the second best 3DMark FireStrike score of the day.

The top 4 overclockers are above 140% total score, sadly giorgioprinmo lacked luck and didn’t submit SuperPi32M score in time, and burned his second MSI MPOWER MAX Motherboard an hour and half into the third stage.

MSI MOA 2013 Final Score board

The USA-based overclocker mikecdm, had some luck-lacking issue too and seems to have burned the special VGA (GTX 780 Lightning reloaded) with samsung memory chip. The reason seems to be a jump in voltage from 1.625v to over 1.8v on the GPU that make card fly to heaven.

Big congrats to T0lsty for winning his second competition in a two weeks time frame, congratulation to all the contestant that were competing today, we wish them the best for tomorrow freestyle day.

Top 3 Interviews

Upcoming : Freestyle

This Saturday will be dedicated to freestyle benching, we will see what the contestant will do and what hardware they will use to get a part of the 20 000USD involved.

You can see the complete rules and benchmarks involved by reading our MSI MOA 2013 – Worldwide finals and Livestream news

The Live broadcast will start at 9:30 AM Taipei time (GMT+8), be there and on the live chat to interact with us and the overclockers. Before that you can check out the


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