Winter OC Session in Stockholm by ASUS & Intel

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We all arrived well in Stockholm for a friendly OC weekend on behalf the invitation of ASUS and Intel Nordics. The event that takes place at the Intel Nordic offices in Kista (Stockholm) has started a few hours ago by the picking and modding of the 580GTX VGA’s.

After a nice dinner with some Moose meat, we checked in our hotel just 2minutes by walk from the Intel labs and directly returned back in the labs for starting to check out the freshly modded 580s. Instead of a long story, check out the following first pics :

[nggallery id=266]

UPDATE : Saturday

After a short night of sleep (average of 5hours) the benching started again this morning around 10-11am. Elmor fixed the mods that failed on the 580 the last night but results appear to be as high as a SF3D(Serial Failure 3D) …

Anyway, after lunch, Elmor & sF3D tried out some 4way SLI benching with the modded 580 but again, not much out of extraordinary making them take a short break and switch back to a 3way 580s on air … let’s wish them more luck :)

On the other hand, Sampsa had some fun today again with the 580 and a i7 980 while announced as a “come back” on the bots twitter. Some of you may have seen the “massman sucks” paper on the livestream, I can only ad this quote from Sampsa : “Pieter, I achieved in a few hours what you did in one year” … sounds like he is back indeed !

Pictures : Second parts of the pics from yesterday night and today (saturday morning and early afternoon).

[nggallery id=267]

Around 5pm, the news arrives. It appears that there is no more LN2. Gone .. all 400L are gone. Everyone is surprised and wonders how this could have even been made possible. Indeed, the intensive benching of 4 systems under LN2 in addition to the LN2 eater 4 way SLI did make an significant impact on our OCers LN2 stocks.

Second bad news of the day (only concerning the finns) is that the Finnish Ice-hockey team lost against Sweden 6 to 1. An epic fail that luckily didn’t sunk the spirit of our friends that after a good dinner and some hilarious moments over the Finnish VCR collector went back to some air benching while trying out Asus’s latest P67 RoG UEFI BIOS.

UPDATE : Sunday

Sunday is time for packing, tidying up Intel’s lab, and having a few talks on yesterdays benching. We also used the occasion to record a little Interview with Thomas Melzer (Intel) about the upcoming Sandy Bridge CPUs (you will have to wait a bit for the release). A little while later came the moment of saying goodbye, and wishing each others a merry christmas and happy christmas vacations.

At the moment of writing I’m (Xyala) sitting in my bus to my Town, and ME4ME in his train. Petri should be in the plane to Finaland and Sampsa hopefully already arrived without too much delay home.

We would like to thanks Asus Sweden and Intel Nordics for the invitation, the warm welcome they gave us here in Stockholm and the really nice OC event that they organized. This event has been for us the occasion to explore a little bit more the upcoming Sandy Bridge CPUs but also to have a good time Overclocking together.

“This upcoming year is going to be very exciting!” (Thomas)

Keep pushing it ! and Cheers !

Story by Timothée Pineau


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