MOA 2011 – Operation Las Vegas

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Announced previously last year now back in 2010, the MOA 2011 US finals is taking place in a few days from now in Vegas. This of course is the exact same time as the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) where many journalists, enthusiast and business man will drop by, hoping to attract some audience on this OC event.

We at OverClocking-TV will cover this event as we usually do. So everyone get ready for a military class live broadcast from Vegas. The show should be quite fun as most of our great friends from the US are their.

Hardware for the competion will be :

  • Motherboard : MSI Big Bang X-Power
  • CPU : Intel i7 980x
  • VGA : MSI N580GTX
  • Memory : Patriot Sector 7 PC3-16000
  • PSU : Atec PC-1000

Live Broadcast should start on the 6th as the competition will start till the award ceremony according to the official schedule :

picture by

See you all there and online on the livestream chat ! And cross fingers for sufficient bandwidth …  :D

Clock’well !

Story and coverage by Chris Pastalidis & Alex Exarhos


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