VenomLapse Video – The overclocking time-lapse experiment

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Last fall when I was in Taipei around October, we went to produce an overclocking action movie for eVGA – you might have seen it on their YouTube page. While shooting at the eVGA labs, we had to wait at some point for Vince to hit some specific frequencies to capture for the video.

During that time, instead of just drinking coffee, I thought : why not trying something new?


The Birth of VenomLapse – First Overclocking time-lapse video

Since there wasn’t that much room available in the lab to conduct my little experiment, I picked a small corner of a table, hang some black fabric, grabbed a Venom pot on the nearby shelf and setup the camera.

A few hours and ln2 liters later, the shots where completed …. and stayed as is – raw storage on my SD card. My move to Sydney a week later stopped the production of this video that fell in the “ToEdit” pile of my hard drive … until that day of July 2013 came.

For this video, we partnered up with a DJ friend named DJ-FireBlack which remixed for us a millisecond fine-synced track! And after a few weeks of here and there adjustments, the “experiment” is ready.

Damn I can’t wait to release it haha …. So without further delay: here it is!


So … like it?

The soundtrack can be downloaded from here:

Big thanks to Vince for letting us have some fun with ln2 and his pots. And also big thanks to eVGA for providing us with the time, labs space and ln2.


More soon

We will be in Taiwan soon again and we already can promise you that some other experiments will follow! If you liked what you’ve seen, please share with your friends, post on forums, reddit and spread the love!

Thanks and Enjoy!


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