Another week, another The OC Show. Third episode of the Season four is now available on our youtube channel !

Topic for this S04E03 show include an overview of the French OC Teams and major overclockers, the Intel’s drama about AMD chip being “glued together”, Sofos breaking large amount of global first Place in the ranking, a new benchmark added to the point systeme and the Overclocker magazine dropping its award system.

Watch the show and drop your comments about each topic on the video :

34s : Show Start
1:10: OC-Esports Competitions Update
13:00: Ze French overclockers and teams
35:00: Intel vs AMD on EPYC Cpu “glued together” drama
51:26: Sofos breaks major Global First Place
1:01:00: HWBOT x265 Benchmarks approved for points — and discussio about benchmark workload
1:15:00: The Overclocker Magazine drop awards

Until next week, Keep Pushing It !

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Video The OC Show Season 4 Episode 2

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