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Earlier this year the OpenBenchtable Project by Streacom, HWBOT and OverClocking-TV unveiled the OBT-MINI, a mini-ITX sized variant of the now famous OBT/BC1 to please the Small Form Factors Fan (literally the SFFF…)

As a member of the project, Trouffman took a prototype and did a live on the Overclocking-TV Channel to gather your feedback about the OpenBenchtable mini project.

How did the project of a Mini-ITX variant of the famous OpenBenchtable started ? Who can get the most out of this new cool benchtable ? Are there some special change compared to the original version ? When will it be available ? How much will it cost ? What are the colors ?

This is just a glimpse of all your questions during the live feedback session, along with mounting the OBT-Mini, explaining the difference (or lack of) with the BC1-Mini and much more.

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EDIT : new video link without the audio bug





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