Cebit 2010- Gigabyte GA P55A UD7

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Hey guys, Overclocking-TV is now at Cebit 2010, reporting great news at your disposal.

We are now at the Gigabyte motherboard booth at Cebit 2010.
What we are about to look at is, GA-P55A-UD7. The board has been released a couple of weeks ago in Europe and uses among other component, the nvidia NF200.

GA-P55A-UD7 is for LGA1156, it uses P55 chipset, in addition to the previous flagship, UD6, the UD7 features the possibility of CFX with two PCI-E running at 16x, while using SATA3 and USB3.
In addition the new flagship delivers similar cooling solution as the UD7 flagship on X58 – GA-X58A-UD7, with the option of using watercooling.

For this Interview we have Mr. Thomas Chang, Production Manager, and M.Beier


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