MSI MOA 2009- Interview with Jason Lee in MSI HQ (Taipei)

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MOA 2009 officially starts on Friday July 17. The competition will begin with the European selections in Munich, Germany and it is time for you fans of extreme overclocking to learn all the details about this event organized by MSI.

Jason Lee during the Interview about MOA 2009
Jason Lee during the Interview about MOA 2009

To help you in your quest of information, we are excited to provide you with this very interesting interview of Jason Lee, whom we met at MSI headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan!

What is the goal of this MOA 2009 Edition? What theme did they chose and why? Where will the main events take place? Find out all the answers and much more in this interview.

Take a seat and enjoy the ITV!

Thanks to Shan Hays and Nicole Hays.


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