Overclocking at the local MSI France office

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Friday October 2th, we got invited by MSI France to come in their local Office to test some hardware and why not reach some new world records.

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The day started around 9:30am where we met brice28, that now work at MSI france support, and Benji Tshi from HPC. We have the full days to reach some good scores and do some reporting about the hardware used, and the possible upgrade/evolutions. The MSI France Crew and some consumers came to saw us, we explained what’s the goal of Overclocking and how can we share this hobby with them.

The 60L liquid nitrogen tank was filled in the beginning of the day, we just had to enjoy !

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We got installed in the new MSI France’s ShowRoom, where all the hardware for us was there waiting for action.

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[singlepic id=3284 w=400 h=300 float=center]

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Trouffman will go on the AMD platform with a MSI 790FX-GD70, while, Benji will spend his day on the P55-GD80. Each one will have different CPUs and as we said earlier lot of ln2 to cool done. On the AMD platform we already tested it and we got a nice 368MHS of FSB on a Phenom II X4 810 during an other event.

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During the first half of the day we spent our time insulating, installing OSes on the setups and testing out the setups. During the second half of the day, Benji spent his time on the 3D benchmarks and reached quite decent scores, while Trouffman was fighting with condensation issues.

[singlepic id=3316 w=400 h=300 float=center]

We were supposed to finish around 4:30pm, but finally leaving around 6pm.

After this first ln2 action in MSI France Office (Thanks Alexis for the invitation !) we got some decent scores :

#1 – 3DMark 05 – GTX 275 Multi-GPU (3*) – 45036 Marks

#1 – 3DMark 06 – GTX275 Multi-GPU (3*) – 34212 Marks

#2 – CPU – Athlon II X2 250 – 5174Mhz

[singlepic w=407 h=390 float=center]

#3 – Fréquence CPU Core i7 860 – 5113Mhz

[singlepic w=407 h=390 float=center]

#3 – Superpi 1M CPU Core i7 860 – 8.440s

#4 – SuperPi 1M – 16.830s sur Athlon II X2 250

#8 – Aquamark  – GTX 275 Dual GPU – 335935 Points

Congratz to Benji and Brice for their good 3D and i7 scores.

As gift for you, reader of Overclocking-TV, below are all the pictures from this first xtreme overclocking session in MSI France Office.

[nggallery id=49]

We would like to thanks Alexis and brice from MSI France for welcoming us in their Office for this kind of event. We hope this experiment to be re-done again soon and that other overclockers will be able to join. of course also hoping OCTV to be there and make this kind of inside coverage.

Discuss about this event on the forum (French) – English in comment.


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