OCAU Annual Meet 2013

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Hello fellows!

Long time I didn’t posted here, but today I’m back with some crispy news from Australia. I’ve been busy over the last three month traveling all around Australia and decided to take a short break in my trip to attend the annual OC meet of OCAU in Cairns.

OCAU annual OC Meet 2013

For the occasion, a large part of OCAU members are gathering up and basically bench, drink and have fun for a week. 14 members should attend this edition coming from all over Australia. Since this is a huge country (about the size of Europe), it is quite nice to see that the community spirit is quite strong that even distance isn’t too much an issue.
Overclockers gather here from all over the place, some as Steve live around the corner but others fly in from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth!


The plan

The plan? Benching off course! Gigabyte is a major sponsor for this event. Paying for the liquid nitrogen as well as a major participation into the venue expenses, Gigabyte under the direction of Dino will be holding today (Sunday) an Overclocking workshop to introduce everybody to the latest developments that Gigabyte made on the Z87 platform.
We are not sure yet to be able to livestream this, but pictures and short videos will follow as much as 3G allows it.

Dino also plans to run a small competition and give away a few sponsor products such as motherboards. Corsair holding hands with Gigabyte on this one will be also participating to the efforts and provide Power supplies, and Keyboards to the participants.


“Gigabyte launched an exciting new range of Z87 OC motherboards recently and teamed up with Corsair and TeamAU to show off the platform. TeamAU has had a lot of experience in alpha and beta testing stage of board development and it was a good opportunity for the guys to share their knowledge with the experienced overclockers from OCAU HWBOT team and helped them fast track their understanding of the platform and Z87X-OC boards which is really popular with enthusiasts. We hope everyone enjoys the meet and takes something away from it. We’ll also have some nice prizes to give away as well including the Z87X-OC motherboard for the team that wins our XTU overclocking challenge.”  (Dino)

Benching wise, there will be quite some interesting stuff going on. James (YoungPro) is focusing its efforts on memory at the moment while Steve is expecting to break a few records on a 16, 24, 32 40 and 48 cores setup running PCMark05, WPrime and Cinebench. Picture of the setup under preparation below.


More soon

So far that’s all I can share from this event. 8 of the Overclockers have already arrived yesterday in the evening and today should be the first serious day of benching. Make sure to keep an eye on the bot for scores popping up.
We’ll be uploading a few more pictures later in the coming days.



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