Gigabyte Overclocking Workshop @ OCAU Meet 2013

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We are still at the OCAU annual meet in Cairns and things are getting on pretty good over here. As said earlier on our previous post, Gigabyte which is the main sponsor for this event (proving the holly ln2 spirit and so forth) ran on the second day (Sunday) an OC workshop as well as a quick competition.

The Workshop

Aiming to introduce the present overclockers to the latest Gigabyte developments on the Z87 OC motherboard, the workshop got setup as following. Two teams were made under the direction of Dino and SniperOz. In both, the young/new generation of Australia overclockers with among them some first time cold-benchers got introduced to benching on Haswell as well as a few of the tweaks and settings for running the XTU benchmark.


The whole day was quite a fantastic journey. I’ve walked all day between both teams and I can tell you that the competitive spirit was in the air! SniperOz’s  team got of a good start and quickly set leading scores, but as soon as Dino was done running his guys through the particularities of benching Haswell (with help of some good memory modules), his guys just took over and scored over and over again till the end.

XTU Worldrecord @ OCAU Meet 2013

The CPUs used for this comp where ESs. Meaning, no bot points. But still, the challenge of pushing the benchmark over the 1400 points target made the benching fun and enjoyable for both sides.


Enough talks and now time for pics!

[nggallery id=375]

Final Words

The OC Workshop run by Gigabyte at this OC event was a real pleasure to attend to. As usual, it is important for the community to get such support from vendors and even more when their can be some learnings taken from it.

Big thanks to Gigabyte, Corsair (sponsors) and OCAU to have invited us here in Cairns for it.

And to all those that are still benching this week: Keep pushing it! More pictures to come in a recap post before we leave :)


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