AOOC – Stage 1 report : 2D benching.

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We are at the AOOC2013 Final in Moscow, Russia, here is the field report about the Stage 1 focusing on 2D benching.

Preparation of the hardware

Overclockers arrived at 9 this morning. After the opening ceremony, clockers took place and started to prepare the hardware to be ready for 10, beginning of the competition.

Stage1: 2D benchings

Perica_barii win the first stage of the competition
Perica_barii win the first stage of the competition

After 3 hours of benching heavily on CPU and memory this morning the 13 teams competing today are now benching 3D. Let see how it goes and who is taking the lead.

The Phase 1 of the competition is based on 2D benchmarks : SuperPi32M with fixed CPU Frequency and Cpu-Z Max Frequency.

There is ranking in both benchmarks, and each team get points according to their ranking.

The nice part of this competition is that each team have only 1 benchmarks that will give them points, either SuperPi 32M or the CPU-Z Frequency.

SuperPi 32M is the benchmark with potentially the most points to win but also the most difficult one to get in the top.


According to the scoreboard at the end of the Stage 1 (2D benching) :

Team Europe is leading at the end of the first stage with 35points, they got the fastest SuperPi 32M run. Followed by Team Kazakhstan and France with second and third best SuperPi Run.
The race is really tight between this top 3 teams with only 0.265s difference between Europe and France.

Team Russia 1 (Smoke & 12) are first runner-up (4th place) at the end of the first round, they managed to secure 25points in both SuperPi32M and Cpu-Z ranking, making it a secured 25points, Nice move there.
Team Poland 1 (ryba & Marta) got 23 points from their CPU-Z max frequency run, SuperPi 32M was only worth 16 point for their ranking.

Team Ukraine (1) (T0lsty & cyclone) got 22 point from their SuperPi 32M run because their CPU-Z frequency score wasn’t high enough and got only 11 points. Only the score with the biggest point associated is counting for the final ranking.


Team Italy (Cische & Giorgioprimo) managed to get 21 point from their CPU-Z score while team Greece (2)  (FireKillerGR & phil) secured 20 point from Super Pi 32M. Team Russia (2) (Alexey17 & Ananerbe) got 19 points from CPU-Z submission while Team Greece (1) (Aristidis & Stelaras) secured 18points from SuperPi.
We can see that the Greeks teams got a strong focus on SuperPi32M, sharing optimization secret might have helped them to be that close on the ranking.

Team Poland (2) (Qjak & aTomic) got 17 points from CPU-Z while Team Germany (der8auer & terorist) got 15 points from SuperPi32M.

Sadly team Ukraine (2) composed by S_A_V missing a teammmate didn’t managed to get any score up, we saw him re-insulating the board again in the first half of the round.

Stage 1 Facts

* Team Greece 2 burned their first CPU… 3 minutes after the competition started..
* Team Poland 2 was benching 2D stage with the GPU-Pot on the graphic card but without ln2


Stage 1 Report video



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