MSI MOA 2013 – Freestyle competition

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After the classic battle won by T0lsty, it’s time to gather for the second day of the MOA 2013 : the freestyle competition. The 16 overclockers have to break World Record on 10 benchmarks chosen by MSI.

  • Haswell CPU Frequency
  • SuperPI 32M
  • XTU
  • Cinebench R11.5
  • 3DMark Vantage Performance
  • N780 3DMark11 Performance
  • N780 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme
  • Heaven Benchmark 4.0 DX11
  • Memory Clock

3,2,1 Go!

The day started with a lucky draw. The same CPUs as yesterday are used but no possibility for the clockers to see the serial number. Too bad lucky_n00b.. didn’t got the same as yesterday.

Since the beginning, some clockers decided to create a team to have more chances to break some records. Giorgioprimo and Xtreme Addict help each other, smoke is turning around cyclone and t0lsty and the other clockers share advices from each other. Compared to yesterday, today is more friendly and they really want to be the best and beat records.

First World Record

Less than two hours after the beginning, Rbuass is the first to submit a world record on Unigine Heaven – Xtreme Preset.  SniperOZ was the previous holder of that world record with 4571.3 pts. During the day, Rbuass kept scoring on this bench. He submitted 5 times going from 4600.62 to 4697.82

Second World Record

After Rbuass it’s Vivi’s turn to break a world record. He chose to bench on Cinebench R11.5 with 4Cores. Previously, Smoke had the world record with 13.84 pts. Vivi reached 13.91 points.

Third World Record

1 hour before the end of the competition oc_windforce from Korea surprises everyone. He broke the XTU 6x record with 1891 points.

World Record table

To follow easier, we made a table with the 10 benchmarks world record and in blue the record that have been broken.

Benchmark World Record Who
Haswell CPU Frequency 8709 Mhz AndreYang
SuperPI 32M Overall 4min33s188ms AndreYang
XTU 6x 1883 pts – 1891 pts steponz – oc_windforce
Cinebench R11.5 4xCPU 13.84 – 13.91 Smoke – Vivi
Cinebench R11.5 6xCPU 18.74 nkdfactory
N780 3Dmark11 Perf. 1xGPU 22593 pts K|ngp|n
N780 3Dmark FireStrike Ext. 1xGPU 7810 pts K|ngp|n
Heaven Benchmark 4.0 DX11 1xGPU 4571.3 – 4697.82 pts SniperOZ – Rbuass
Memory clock DDR3 2202 Mhz TeamAU
3Dmark Vantage Perf. 1x 72578 pts K|ngp|n

Last words

This is the end of MOA 2013. The battle was pretty intense and really interesting to watch. We encourage you to submit your feedback to let us know more for the next times.

More pictures

See you soon and keep pushing it!


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