Galaxy GOC 2013 – Aftermovie and Interview videos

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First of all let us wish you all a happy new year. Let this new year be filled with wonderful things, great hardware and extreme overclocking fun.

A few weeks back, Galaxy held the GOC 2013 competition in Shanghai. Overclocking-TV was there to cover the finals and we are releasing today our traditional Aftermovie!

Galaxy GOC 2013 – Official Aftermovie

We had some great fun at the event and ended up shooting “a lot” of stuff. Seriously, we ended up somehow with over 75Gb of raw data which is way more than what we usually do. Maybe it was the light or the set … anyhow the video ends up pretty well.

So what do you think?

Galaxy GOC 2013 – Interviews with the top3 and the judges

Who says competition also says winners and judges. We’ve interviewed all these guys the day following the classic battle to see how they felt about their previous day and what’s their plan for the second day. Have a look over here!



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