HWBOT World Tour 2015 NA Aftermovie

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Last weekend, we attended the HWBOT World Tour 2015 North America at the LanETS in Canada. The event hosted on Canada’s larget LAN gathered overclockers from Canada and the US with even some guys flying in all the way from Germany specifically for it.

The event offered three activities:

  1. a bench party for overclockers with unlimited LN2 (thanks Praxair Canada!)
  2. two competitions for both extreme and amateurs part of the HWBOT World Series 2015 (thanks OCN, DimasTech & Microbytes for the prizes)
  3. an overclocking workshop for amateurs (beginners). (thanks DimasTech and Microbytes for the competition rigs)

Without further delay, here is the Aftermovie video:

Liked it? Share the video and support the HWBOT World Tour by spreading the word! See you in a month for the European stop at the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France.


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