HWBOT World Tour – Results and Pictures

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The HWBOT World Tour was definitely the highlight of this Computex 2015 week. There was some OC on computex (as usual) but less than in the previous years (no MSI booth, no Zotac booth etc.). But as more and more overclockers gather and fly themselves over to the mecca of hardware that is Taipei, the World Tour stop scaled up this year with an upgraded everything:

  • Larger space at the venue
  • Better power delivery with 6x220V lines completing the usual 110V ones
  • A dedicated ROG Area with a huge banner and massive TVs to follow stream and scores
  • A dedicated stream are with the “OC Couch” for interviews

Activities Results

The World Tour 2015 stop in Asia was proposing three types of activities. A bench party when you could overclock whatever hardware you wanted at your own targets. A World Series competition (2015’s largest live competition held worldwide), and the ROG OC Showdown Area which was featuring targets with cash rewards.

For the HWBOT World Series, there was cash prizes for the top 3 as well as hardware prizes for the top 4. The four overclockers that won something are:

  1. Lucky_n00b – USD $1680 + Strix GTX 980Ti + Benchtable
  2. bboyjezz – USD $1120 + HyperX DDR4 3300 + Benchtable
  3. Bruno – USD $560 + Rampage V Extreme + Benchtable
  4. dRweEz – HyperX SSD + Benchtable

Congrats to them and all the participants. We especially loved the target stage which by being shorter and “unknown” pushed overclockers to strategize before, and execute within a limited time frame of two hours.

On the ROG OC Showdown Area side of things, the battle was focused around targeted benchmarks. With in the list some WR, GFPs and HFPs, the challenge was a tuff but nearly half the participating overclockers took it on and gave it a try. Below the leaderboard:

What we appreciated the most about the ROG OC Showdown at this event was the fact that ASUS’s ROG R&D team was present at the event. This is quite important and of a huge value as it bridges the gap between overclockers and R&D by connecting both on one common challenge. Elmor, overclocker now working as ASUS R&D Engineer, spent a great deal of time soldering, preparing and supporting overclockers that were using the newly released Strix GTX 980Ti and GTX TitanX cards coupled with the new AMP Power Card 2. A huge thanks to them for being so supportive!

Event Pictures

This year, we shared all our pictures with the organizers HWBOT and published them on a shared FB album. Find all the pictures below:

Video playlist

The Aftermovie form the HWBOT World Tour isn’t ready yet. We expect to have this out by next week as we’ve been moving office meanwhile. Meanwhile, check out the below playlist which has already a few videos from the event:


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