GOOC 2009- ITV with Kate Huang in Gigabyte HQ (Taipei)

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During our coverage of GOOC 2009, we had the chance to interview Kate Huang from Gigabyte about the event and future ones.

This was a really relaxing ITV, we were in a conference room at Gigabyte’s HQ. Kate was a bit stressed out before we started though.

GOOC 2009 - ITV Kate Huang in Gigabyte HQ - Taipei
GOOC 2009 - ITV Kate Huang in Gigabyte HQ - Taipei

But you’ll see that once we started her first interview ever in 6 years at Gigabyte’s Marketing Dept., she seemed to feel more comfortable and enjoyed the interview, focusing on the questions and trying to provide the best answers!

Thank you Kate for being so joyful and for always being there to provide us with the best care, especially when the internet line during GOOC was a bit strange and almost dead !
Enjoy the ITV !


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