Live overclocking with the Aussies @ Redflag LAN Fest

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Announced by our friend Uncle fester yesterday on XS, a LAN party is going to take place this weekend in Perth, Australia and as you know there is no better occasion that a LAN party to gather overclockers and have some fun OC weekend all together. Extreme will be leading the show with the support of 400L of LN2 with OC focus on the 6970 and some … extra stuff ;)

This event under the sponsorship of ASUS and AMD will be broadcast live on OverClocking-TV (and embedded on HWBot Front-page) in case you couldn’t join the croud aside of the 400 attendants of the Reflag LAN. The broadcast should start early on Saturday (00:00 local time) and keep up for the next 48hours as long as the bandwidth allows it ! Crossing fingers ><

We wish them a lot of fun, and don’t forget to join us on the chat for some great moments with DINOS 22, Young Pro, Kayl, Uncle Fester and Booj. Don’t miss the stupidest live dance !



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