OC Weekend with ASUS, Intel and the Nordics!

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Most of you probably already heard about this event .. and though more likelly in a Sandy Bridge sample chasing period as it is every time Intel is launching a new CPU. Remember Gulftown? Well… the same !

As for past seasons, ASUS is organizing in partnership with Intel a benching sessions not specifically of course on SandyBridge but on some other parts that could offer us some quite interesting results of the season. Why do I say interesting ? Well as you may know having one sample is good, having two is great .. having 11 pieces of a VGA is just a step forward into some potential very good looking results indeed !

The event is going to take place in Kista (not very far from Stockholm downtown) at the Intel offices there. While preparing this coverage yesterday through a discussion with Marcus (aka. Kinc) from ASUS, he told me a little more about the benching menu of the weekend.

Benching menu :

When : 17th (Arrival in the afternoon) – 19th

Where : Kista, Stockholm (Sweden)

Who : Kinc (ASUS), Thomas (Intel Nordics), Elmor, mean machine,   ME4ME, Sampsa and SF3D

What :

  • Motherboards : 5 x Rampage III Extreme and 4 x Maximus IV Extreme
  • VGAs :  11 x GTX580 and of course the latest HD 6970 model will also be there
  • CPUs : ESs of some unreleased stuff …

The LN2 supply will be about 400L

As you can see, this weekends looks to be quite promising, and having a look at the guest list I’m pretty sure that it will be fun as well.

Thanking in advance ASUS and Intel for the invitation, see you on saturday for the first news from Stockholm.


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