MSI MOA 2011 WW Final – Romania take it all !

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After hours of combatting to get the best score in SuperPi 32m, 3DMark 11 and 3DMark01, the final ranking make the European team at the top, with Romania as lead !

After winning the GOOC 2010, Romanian Matose and Monstru secured the first plac ein the MSI MOA 2011  taking the top spot from the Swedish team Elmor & ME4ME that managed to keep it the past 2 years.

Matose and Monstru managed to get the first place with a general overall performance boost of 147.169%, thanks to the best 3DMark11 score of 11796 (#26th best score in the world with one GPU), a pretty good SuperPi 32M run with 6m16.031sec (second best score in this final.) and a 128084 in 3DMark 01 (#3 in this final.).

Stelaras and Aristidis from Greece secured the second, very very close with the third place : Team Expandables, winners from last year. We must admit that our Greeks friends played nice and weren’t on strike. The stress that they might not arrive in time for the competition didn’t drive them away from the best SuperPi32M score : 6m11.094s with more than 5 secondes ahead of Romania, and the best 3DMark01 SE with 130253marks. The down side that sadly took thenm away from the first place is the 3DMark11 run, that represented a 49.49% performance increase, while the other top 7 team are above 50.3%.

Elmor & ME4ME from team Sweden got the third best score in both SuperPi 32M and 3DMark 11 and the second best score of the competition on 3DMark01SE, that leading them Bronze honor with 146.124%, with only 0.059% difference from Greece.

Fourth place is for Team  BenchBros from Germany with loopy83 and kabauterman, they managed to get the second best score in 3Dmark11 with 11673marks. The final overall performance increase is about 145.058%.

The first team in the ranking that is not from Europe is the respectable Team KATANA from Japan, composed by CAL930 and Gyrock with 144.929% increase overall.

The failing team from Australia finally arrived sixth… Uncle.fester and Deanzo might have been partying a bit too much before the competition !

Keep in mind that all the 16 team competing are very high level in term of skills and knowledge as they are all the winners from the  regional qualifiers we all covered this year.



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