Live : Smoking & Slamming Overclocking Showdown – Oct. 12

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We are teamming up with GEIL to cover the Smoking & Slamming overclocking Showdown, live from Taipei – Taiwan.

Smokers out there, sorry it’s not about cigarettes but it might get nasty with some hardware pr0n and liquid nitrogen for the two Russian guys in visit in Taipei.

Smoke and Slamms are two aggressive overclockers with impressive achievements and knowledge, they will be overclocking GEIL memories under extreme situation live here on OverClocking-TV.

Smoking & Slamming Overclocking Showdown - October 12

The event is to be run from 2 to 4 PM (Taipei Time) on Wednesday October 12th, here is a more comprehensive list of the time for viewers worldwide :

  • Europe : 8 to 10 am – (12th)
  • Russia : Moscow : 10 PM – 12PM – (12th)
  • America : 2-4 AM EDT / 11 PM (Tuesday 11th) – 1 AM (Wednesday 12th) PDT
  • Asia : 2-4 PM – Jakarta : 1-3PM


Smoke is actually the first overclocker in the pro overclocking league on Hwbot, this position is rarely held by non-Taiwanese people and is really hard to keep.

Slamms is ranked 18th in the pro overclocking league and second best overclocker in Russia, just after Smoke.

The hardware that will be used by the two big Russian boys for the overclocking show will be about the GEIL EVO CORSA Memory on an ASRock P55 Mainboard.

Stay tuned on OverClocking-TV for the complete coverage among the day and especially the OC show.


NB : Don’t forget that smoking is bad for your health – this message is sponsored by  the health care system in your country (if you don’t have one… forgive it and go buy another pack :D)


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