ASRock – Interview with Nick Shih – InHouse Overclocker

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Today in the motherboard industry, most of the vendors have understood the advantage to have an in-house overclocker to join their R&D and performance teams in order to boost the overclockability of their products.

Overclockability and develop overclocking features Yes, but thats not it! As you will see, in-house overclockers are completely integrated elements of the motherboards design process in the labs.  In this interview, you will learn the daily routine of an in-house overclocker, learn what his day is really made of and how his works impacts all the motherboards that the company designs.

Nick Shih in now,since the 5th of January, the new and first full time In-house overclocker of ASRock. We got the priviledge to record an inteview with him after his second week of work there.

Check this video to hear bout his workdays, work to do and ASRock’s plan for 2012 towards the overclocking community:


In this video you will find out the following things:

  • What does his job involves as in-house Overclocker
  • How is he integrated to the product development team
  • What does a normal work day look like
  • ASRock plans on overclocking activities for 2012
  • Eye candy: A short tour of the ASRock R&D offices

Thanks to Nick Shih and ASRock for the time given for this interview and their hospitality at their HQ.


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