Campus Party in Brazil featuring Rbuass


Our Brazilian friends participated yesterday and also today  to a local event in Brazil known as the Campus Party. This event is pretty much similar to the one we know over here in Europe taking place each year in Spain. (this should remind some great trip souvenirs to massman, elmor, sf3d among other of our northern EU buddies).

During this event of the campus party, Rbuass(aka. Ronaldo Buassali) the world top 8 pro overclocker league, made yesterday a live OC demonstration in front of the crowd. Here is a video of him provided by our friends from Blog Bandalerda

Today, Rbuass will also be benching for the XOC Brasil competition that is taking place at the campus party and sponsored by Gigabyte. Stay tuned for another news announcing giving more details about this competition.


EDIT: While looking around online, just saw this longer video [source]


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