XOC Brasil – Final Results

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First of all, sorry for the delay with this news. I got into something else, promised to finish up something here, go there, do this and to that. Mea Culpa my friends from Brazil. But time isn’t anymore at apologizing for a little delay. Indeed, lets dive into the XOC Brasil Overclocking contest finals that I was talking to you about a few days ago.

The event went pretty well. I had a short email exchange with our Brazilian overclocker friend in the past days and he was thanking us for supporting and having given some more exposure to their event over there. Well Rbuass let me tell you something. Thank you! In name of the whole overclocking community, we all have to recognize that the overclocking in Brazil and especially this year on the Campus party was a blast! Great work :)

XOC Brasil in Video

There has been already a thread on HWBOT about the finals, so I’m not going to talk too much about it besides sharing with you the following video (courtesy of CampusParty TV).

The XOC Brasil Results

XOC Brasil Results

I’m not familiar with all of the names, but if you want my felling, these are the future overclockers from Brazil, and these are the people that we will have to follow in the next years. Congratulation to the ones that made it into the top3 : Emerson Silva, Jacson Luiz Schenckel and Eduardo Segantini.
Cheers to all the other contestants too.

XOC Brasil Final look

Finally to close on our small event coverage from far far away, enjoy the following picks that I found in the thread.

XOC Brasil pic1  XOC Brasil pic2

Cheers! and we hope to see competitions like these more often :)


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