Overclocking workshop in Buenos Aires this weekend

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Yes! This weekend and the next one will be flagged under the sign of extreme overclocking. With a university campus event in Campbridge, a Lan Party demo in Montreal and an OC event in Germany, there is always space for one more!

Overclockear’s OC Workshop in Buenos Aires

This one is taking place this weekend on Saturday in Buenos Aires Argentina! South America is a growing market, even an exploding market over the past years and there are a local overclockers pushing hard over there to push the overclocking practices among end users. To do so, as for other vendors and other overclocker teams around the world, they have decided to run some overclocking workshops. Here is what Patagonian (working at Overclockear) is telling us about this event:

… It will be a learning workshop, not a show, this means that participants learn to use extreme cooling system par excellence, the materials needed, the PC’s we use and have the opportunity to reach results with the most powerful hardware market .

Patagonian of Overclockear

This time the level is set higher and there will be use of ln2 as extreme cooling solution. As for every events like these, sponsors are willing to participate and this time we have Intel, MSI, Adata, Sentey and Roccat to provide the necessary equipment; Sandy Bridge E, HD 7950, PSU, SSD, etc …

This isn’t the first one!

This workshop is indeed not the first edition. This is the fourth one and we can say that they have been quite successful as its organizers announced us that almost 90% of the countries overclockers went through it! Indeed, most of the countries known overclockers went through these workshops and learned their tips and tricks to over clock. So who are these Argentinian overclockers :

…. Argentine overclockers who are currently compete have all  been through these extreme overclocking workshops, like Kmax, Sweet, Jhon May, Nicoflody, VanDynck, Chotonito, Siouxx, Todoseparado, Nazzgul, TiTox or Ariel.F to name a few….

Patagonian of Overclockear

source : overclockear.com

How can I join?

Right now, these overclocking workshops are limited to 30 persons and not open ti public as it takes quite some space and hardware to teach larger audiences. More information can be found in spanish on the website of Overclockear, knowing that right now, most of the participants are member of the site/forum community. We can’t wait to see in the future to have such workshops open to public in South America.

Keep pushing it guys! :D


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