Gigabyte EOC 2012 Event in Germany

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Gigabyte is continuing it’s launch operations for their IvyBridge boards and for this weekend they chose to hold an overclocking gathering in Germany

EOC this Saturday in Stuttgart

The EOC event name of course stands for Extreme Overclocking Competition. It will be hold this weekend in Stuttgart, a city in germany mostly known for the HQ of Porsche cars.

The event is organized by the overclocker cold der8auer that posted today on the Bot’s forum a little news to share the info to the overclockers out there, here are basically the infos:

  • When : Saturday 28th 2012
  • Where : Stuttgart, Germany (haven’t found out the place so fare, neither if it’s open to public)
  • Duration: From 11am to …. (will see) (GMT+1)

[EDIT] The competition will be hold at the University Heilbronn but isn’t public.

Extreme Overclocking Competition 2012

We actually didn’t knew much about this competition untile this morning and google is quite silent about it. We’ve been told that it will be  a very chill-out style competition between german overclockers from different teams. But here are the things that we can tell you so far.

EOC 2012 – Teams

Only three teams from germany will be participating to this competition. Not much you would say, but plenty enough as according to the organizers, there is a maximum of four (4) overclockers allowed per team per setup. The following german overclocking sites/teams will be represented:

  • PCGH
  • Awardfabrik
  • OverclockingStation
We wish then a good luck and most importantly great fun!

EOC 2012 – Hardware

Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H
CPU: 3770 K Ivy Bridge CPUs
Memory: 2 x 4 GB Kinston HyperX 2400 CL11
Pots: der8auer Fusion rev3 LN2 Pot

With this, there are 300L of LN2 booked to make sure all these little CPUs don’t over-heat :)

EOC 2012 – Competition Benchmarks

The benchmarks for the competition will be quite many as you can see from the following list:

  1. CPU-Z
  2. SuperPi 32M
  3. 3DM03
  4. 3DM03 MVP
  5. 3DM06
  6. 3DM06 MVP
  7. 3DM11
  8. 3DM11 MVP

As you can see, that’s quite a lot. It is also interesting to notice that for the first time in a live OC competition, there will be a specific benchmark distinction between with or without the Lucid-MVP technology. This will be a good way to see from one system to another, with the same hardware how the scores with or without MVP actually behave.

The benchmarks will be giving the score according to the following grid:

Gigabyte EOC 2012 Germany - benchmarks

EOC 2012 – Competition Rules

For the rules they are quite long, so I will simply copy paste you what the Event PDF says. These are usual rules for OC events. Nothing special that is different from what you are used to:

  1. Points will be awarded based on the results of each benchmark.
  2. Points will be totaled and posted at the end of the competition.
  3. Teams can update their results continuously within the valid set period of time set up by GIGABYTE.
  4. Benchmark scores submitted after time is called will not count.
  5. Teams should “Printscreen”(PrtSc),save the results to a thumb drive provided by GIGABYTE while keeping both CPUz and the benchmark windows active, then raise their hand to submit a score. GIGABYTE judges will then verify and take down the score.
  6. For CPU-Z clock competition safe the .cvf file directly on the GIGABYTE thumb drive.
  7. Pre-saved scores won’t be valid. Judges may ask participants to move/drag the CPUz window to make sure that CPUz and the benchmark are both active.
  8. Teams are not allowed to change their system clock in anyway.
  9. Failure to submit a score for a benchmark will not lead to disqualification.
  10. Teams are not allowed to accept help from outsiders, including media, overclockers who are not competing, and teams who have been knocked out or are no longer benching (teams are not allowed to accept hardware from competitors who have been knocked out). If a team accepts help or hardware from any source other than a judge, they may be disqualified.
  11. The team with the highest points at the end of the competition will be declared winner. Judges should be informed of any results challenges before the winner is declared, with the head judge to make the final call.
  12. GIGABYTE judges may ask teams to run benchmarks again to verify scores. 13.Every team needs to save a screenshot of the result, otherwise the score isn’t valid.
  13. In case of a tie, the team with the highest SuperPi 32m will be the winner. 15. Any attempt to cheat or bend the rules in any shape or form may result in disqualification and possible exclusion from future GIGABYTE events and contests.
  14. Please keep this competition fair and honest.

EOC 2012 – Competition Agenda

The agenda for the overclockers will be quite busy with all these benchmarks. The benching should start around 11AM until 5:30PM. Below, the detailled event agenda:

  • 9:00 am: Arival
  • 9:30 am: Official opening + group photo
  • 9:45 am: System set-up, insulation,
  • 11:00 am: CPU-Z and SuperPi 32m competition (120 minutes)
  • 1:00 pm: 3DMark03 and 3DMark03 MVP competition (90 minutes)
  • 2:30 pm:  3DMark06 and 3DMark06 MVP competition  (90 minutes)
  • 4:00 pm: 3DMark11 and 3DMark11 MVP competition (90 minutes)
  • 5:30 pm:  Finishing of competitions and short break
  • 6:00 pm:  Feedback session with GBT BIOS engineers
  • 7:00 pm:  Award ceremony
  • 8:00 pm:  Dinner at “ALEX” restaurant
Gigabyte EOC 2012 Germany PR
Gigabyte EOC 2012 Germany PR

EOC 2012 – Competition Reward

The contestants will be awarded the following rewards accordingly to heir final calculated position:

  • Kingston 2 x 4GB DDR3 1866 CL11
  • Kingston 2 x 4GB DDR3 1866 CL9
  • SuperFlower SF 1000P14XE PSU

EOC 2012 – Livestream

There will be a livestream form there, so don’t forget to join it in order to see what is going on! Here is the Link!

Last Words

As you can see, this is a quite nice competition. It will be challenging the overclockers due to the amount of benchmarks that are required from them in a short period of time. Sadly, Gigabyte and the organizers only communicated about this event today so it wasn’t possible to get the news out earlier. We still do hope that you will find the time to either stop by and say hello or simply say Hi on the livestream chat.

Good luck to everyone!



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