Gigabyte France invites overclockers for an IvyBridge OC day

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It is always nice to see vendors acting around overclocking. Even if still until now most of the events like these are limited to selected overclockers due to budget limitations and available space and hardware, we love to share the news about it!

Gigabyte France welcomes HiCookie

While being in Europe for the small OC competition in Germany last weekend, HiCookie decided to drop-by at the Gigabyte french office for some more overclocking. Yes! This is the HiCookie EU tour! Some of the influential french overclocker got invited for the occasion as Pepino, Ctrlfix and the website Cowcotland.

What was on the menu

Well the benching program was quite simple and looks a lot like the one from the EOC 2012 competition. Motherboard benched was the Z77-UD5G and for the CPUs without surprise their were a few 3770Ks and 3570Ks. For the memory, it was some G.Skill Ripjaws Z and VGA the Gigabyte;s 7979OC and 7950 as well as three 580s.

Enough to have some fun for a few hours with 145L of LN2 to share :)


Here are some of the pictures provided by Cowcotland .. sadly we can’t see the cookies in it …

 Gigabyte France IvyBridge

Gigabyte France IvyBridge

Last Words

Those guys seemed to have quite some fun and succeeded to reach 6,9GHz frequency which was 400 more than their initial goal of 6,5GHz. Good job guys!


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  1. LoL

    May 8, 2012 9:21 am

    Yeah I hit 7 with my P4, here are some pictures of my mobo and a bottle of LN2.

    Right, where’s the CPU-Z (or any other means) pictures to prove it?


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