MOA 2012 Americas – Elimination Day hits!

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If you remember well, in our previous news on the MOA 2012 Americas online qualifier, we were telling you about an “anti-sandbagger” algorithm. Well here we are, today is the day!.

MOA 2012 Americas Elimination

Today is the second biggest day in the MOA competition since the launch of the first qualifiers about two weeks ago. Back then, all willing overclockers (from america north and south) could join the competition. The Elimination phase of these Americas qualifiers is changing the qualification game today.

From now on, only the 15 top overclockers that already submitted scores for the qualification round are now able to continue.

MOA 2012 Americas the top 15 so far

So who is in the top 15 so far and succeeded to qualify for what we can call the qualification round 2. Let see:

MOA 2012 Americas top 15 elimination

If you have been following more less actively the competion updates on the dedicated HWBot competition page over the past weeks, you will have noticed by now that the proportions of overclockers from the North and from the South within the top 15 in well distributed.

Indeed, 8 overclockers are from North America and 7 from the South. which makes it a close to 50/50 % ratio.

MOA 2012 Americas – what next?

Now that the elimination round has passed, the top 15 overclockers still have 7 days to increase their scores and try to win up a few more places into the competition top 3 to get their tickets to the grand finals in coming up Q3 this year.

Also, soon, the European qualifiers will be kicking-off with similar rules and regulations (they can bench IvyBridge CPUs) but no worry we will be letting you know all the details about when, where and what soon enough.

MOA 2012 Americas – Gogogo

7 Days to go to qualify, good luck everybody, may the best overclocker win! :)


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