Computex 2012 – We are excited before the event (Summary of the week before computex.)

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This is time again ! Early June is always an exciting moment for all the true geeks all around the world because of one really big event called : Computex !

OverClocking-TV at Computex

For the fourth year in a row we are now talking about being on the show, walking around, discovering new hardware and trying to give you the most details about interesting stuff here.

As it’s in Taiwan, it is warm, humid and you end up really having bad smell coming out of your feets if you don’t pay attention after all the kilometers you are walking all day long… But erm that doesn’t matter.

Schedule of the week

The Computex start on 5 to end on 9 of June.

There are only a few things about computex (and people we will see this week won’t get me wrong…) :

  • New stuff on the show
  • Parties after the show
  • New stuff after the show
  • Parties at the show
  • Meeting new people at a party
  • Ending being late for the coverage

That is usually how it works… but this time we are giving some special insight, we will make as much as video we can, avoid the marketing talk, the marketing argument, we want to get things straight ! What will be new, what for and why should we care about ?

Welcoming Video

Let’s start easy with the welcoming video, this year we will be two people there : Martin the Editor of the Spanish division and myself Trouffman.

This is the first video we made the day after Martin arrived in Taiwan (Thursday last week.)

Last Words

Stay tuned as this year we will focusing even more ont he overclocking event happening, there is quite a big one on Gskill booth, but we know that there are other companies such as  ADATA with a famous Mexican Overclocker also pushing in that direction. We will try to get information about Galaxy Tech that is doing something with Mad Tse, an overlocker from Honk kong and we heard lately that HIS is supposed to do also a show with the Korean overclocking Team.


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