Computex 2012 – GIGABYTE and their 32 phases prototype

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This is a little late news, but hey better late than never!

We visited to Gigabyte booth at the 101 on the 4th and recorded so many videos that we actually didn’t had the time to edit and write at the same time.

During our visit we could get our hands-on GIGABYTE’s latest technologies especially for motherboards. What impressed us the most among the regular new things, is a prototype motherboard that  has something particular. According to GIGABYTE, this board should be able to function at a dramatically cooler temperature than the actual boards. And why is that?  Well, apparently, thanks to the prototyped new cooling technology. This is of course a good news for extreme overclockers but essentially for standard overclockers that wish to overclock their rig for a 24/7 use without having to worry about their system temperatures too much. Again, according to gigabyte, under overclocking, the motherboard might even run 30 degree C lower than the actual boards! We can’t wait to see that at work.

We also had the chance to hold in our hands again another prototype gf motherboard that is destinated this time for the high end/overclocker segment. Until this boards gets launched we can though expect quite a few changes on the layout. Nevertheless, we can already tell you that this card surprise (positively) most of us. Among the crunchy specifications we of course have the traditional overlcocking features but we also heard about 32 phases and some extra gadgets that GIGABYTE plan’s to leak out over the next coming months.

Find below the complete picture gallery of these boards.

[nggallery id=301]


EDIT : it is 30C lower for the IR PowIRStage not 60C, 60C is actually the temperature of the mosfet itself.


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