Results and winners of the MOA 2012 EMEA announced

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And it’s over! The 15 contestants left after elimination have used their 7 extra days of benching to try to make a difference. It is now time to have a look at who is on the podium and most importantly, who will be flying to Taiwan!

MOA EMEA 2012 – The results

After the elimination round, not many changes happened among the top 10 places. We observed only a few position movements but nothing spectacular which shows that the anti sandbagger method is working pretty well.

So let have a look at the top 15:

moa 2012 emea results
moa 2012 emea results


Congratulation to the top five teams that made it to the top and got their tickets to the MOA WW Finals!. On the top we have XtremeAddict from Poland, T0isty from Ukraine, ryba from Poland, Aristidis from Greece and Smoke from Russia!

It seems that this year eastern Europe countries are the one leading the game with two polish teams, one from Ukraine and one from Russia being qualified. Only exception is Greece!

This wil also be the first MOA  since … ever, without any Northern Europe overclockers present! … sad news but hey, that’s the game.

MSI MOA 2012 next up, APAC!

It is now time to move on to the next stage of the competition. Next up is the APAC region: last region left for these MOA 2012 qualifiers. Once again, the APAC qualifiers are based on the same regulations as the previous qualifiers. For APAC as well as for EMEA, the IvyBridge CPU’s are allowed and we are definitely looking forward to see what will be going on over there!

Keep pushing !



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