[Event] ASUS Absolute Zero – Get ready !


In few hours will start the ASUS Absolut Zero Event, directly from the HQ Taiwan, and we will be there to let you know most of the details happening during the show.

Some big name in the overclocking world already arrived in Taipei to get ready for the upcoming few day overclocking some really nice hardware under extreme cold, ln2 for sure and maybe more !

Beside Shamino and Andre Yang, some top overclockers will be there too :  Splave, Fredyama san, Raja, Hazzan, Rsanino, Viss…

As for the info we’ ve got they will be testing the Maximus 5 Extreme and a bunch of Matrix 7970, this will be quite impressive and massive and we will be there to give you some more update about what’s going on.

This event has been made possible by ASUS and the partners such as CORSAIR, ANTEC, Gskill, Intel and Kinpin Cooling.

NB : Watch the live on our dedicated live broadcast page with multi-camera support
OverClocking-TV Main Stream :

The gallery below is updated on a regular basis all along the event :

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