Great Extreme Overclocking Contest last weekend in Brazil

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Last weekend, Gigabyte and Corsair offered the opportunity for some of the best Brazilian Overclocking Teams to battle each other live for the first time.

Overclocking rig
Hardware used in the contest


The rules were quite simple, in the morning assembling, insulating, modding, checking everything and in the afternoon and lots of overclocking. Starting with two hours of 2D stages (wprime 32M and SuperPi 1M) and then three hours of 3D stages (3Dmark03 and 3Dmark11). Each benchmark of each stage could be run in any order with as much time the contestants wanted to until the end of the stage. There were three teams with three overclockers for each.

Rbuass discoursing
Rbuass sharing his thoughts about the contest


  • Criminal Cafe Team: members: Eder13, Raul SDT and wellingthon02
Criminal Cafe Team
Criminal Cafe Team
  • Fusion Team: members: Baruk, colosso do ceara and TJB_SC
Fusion team
Fusion Team
  • I2I3 Overclocking Team: members: cleitonschenckel, jacsonshenckel and mariovmn
I2I3 Overclocking Team
I2I3 Overclocking Team

Score Calculation

Score Calculation were quite simple as well:

in each benchmark:

  • 1st – 20 points
  • 2nd – 15 points
  • 3rd – 10 points

After that a score weight was be applied:

  • 3Dmark11 – 35%
  • 3Dmark03 – 30%
  • SuperPI 1M – 20%
  • Wprime 32M – 15%

The Contest

It begun with the Brazilian Overclocking Emperor of HWBOT’s PRO league RBUASS explaining the rules and after all was set the 2D stages started.

All teams did had finished modding the VGA when the competition started, so while one guy kept on modding, the others started to play with 2D using the IGP.

I2I3 Overclocking Team modding
I2I3 Overclocking Team modding

At the first hour only one score was submitted by Criminal Cafe Team, while the other guys were trying to take the most of the system from the start.
During the last half hour of the 2D stage, I2I3 Overclocking Team submitted its first score and took over the second spot of the competition. Twenty minutes later, all teams started to submit their best scores of each 2D benchmark.
The first stage was won by the I2I3 Overclocking Team pushing its i7 3770k to 6200mhz on SuperPI 1M and 5900mhz on Wprime 32M.

Fusion setting things up
Fusion team setup

Then it was the 3D stage turn. Every team had issues to solve in this stage. It was reported that the Fusion Team had serious issues with the VGA voltages, and due to it they couldn’t  get scores on any 3D stages.But even thought they knew that they had VGA issues, they kept pushing it as far as they could until the end of the stage.

The I2I3 Overlocking Team had issues with condensation, so they had to completely disassemble their rig and after drying everything up they were back to battle.

Criminal Cafe Team benched from the beginning of the stage until the end without any material issues. They had issues with the software to cross the 1004mhz gpu speed wall.

The last 30 minutes of the 3D stage was quite an epic battle between Criminal Cafe Team and I2I3 Overclocking Team. Each team was improving its scores in every new run. The 3Dmark11 battle was awesome. The final scores were the second and the forth best scores in the world using the GTX 560!

1st and 2nd are American scores. I2I3 Overclocking Team achieved a 6350 3dmarks and The Criminal Cafe Team 5832 3dmarks.

As I2I3 Overclocking Team lead the 2D stage, besides getting the second place at 3Dmark03, winning the 3Dmark11 let them lead the competition with 18,5 points. In the second place with a really small  difference, the Criminal Cafe Team had 16,5 points. In third place, without points for the 3D stage, the Fusion Team got 3,5 points.

Score table (in portuguese):

Brazilian OC contest Score table
Score table

The Winners!

Winners of the contest
Prizes to the winners

Last Words

Congratulations to all teams, extreme overclocking is not that usual here in Brazil, and those guys managed to keep their rigs alive after a complete afternoon of overclocking. They managed to get some great scores taking in consideration that it was a live event, where the time played against them.

Big Thanks to Corsair and to Gigabyte to supporting this Overclocking contest. This was the second OC contest organized by them this year here in Brazil and the first one that was team based.

I’m really glad to see companies bringing these events that we see happening so often abroad but that seemed to be so impossible to hold here not so long ago. Those companies are showing to the world that it’s not everything that is said to be impossible. Overclocking can put rivalry aside and  make different groups that love hardware come together and bench with lots of fun.

picture at the end of the contest
Everybody that participated

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