Point of View / TGT launches their overclocking tool called BigBang

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Today we can find several tools to monitor and tweak the overclock of our GPUs. These tools are brewed the manufacturers themselves as MSI’s Afterburner and EVGA’s Precision). Now there is another alternative arriving on the market and it is presented to us by Point of View / TGT called: BigBang. Right now BigBang got released in version 1.0.1 and is compatible with GeForce drviers v3.10.

TGT BigBang OC Tool

According to POV / TGT, the TGT BigBang tool supports GPUs from the GeForce 450 to recent ones based on Fermi and Kepler, and up to 8 GPUs in a system. It is able to measure and calculate the frequencies live and dynamically increase those. It also displays the average frequency, the distribution of different frequencies, and the percentage of time it takes to run faster with Boost frequencies.

The tool has also a section that shows how their models LEAKE LOW SELECTION can run faster with automatic overclocking profiles. These profiles are adapted for more/less demanding graphic tasks and under the feature called “Bright Boost” you can find six different curves which can be useful to improve the performance of different applications individually.

TGT BigBang OC Tool
TGT BigBang OC Tool

Where to Download

You can try out this tool right away by downloading it from the official website under this link. Let us know what you think about this new tool in comparison to the ones we already know!



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