MOA contestants, we offer you Thermal paste!

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This might be a great news for many. Thermal past is a key component of extreme overclocking and a world without is just not as great as it should. OverClocking-TV today would not be this hobby we love without all of you. Today we would like give back to you a bit of it.

OverClocking-TV teams up with GELID Solutions

We’ve been discussion with GELID Solutions over the past few weeks about how we could do that, and here is what we’ve got. We will be giving away as a gift for all our Overclocker friends participating at the MOA some GELID Solutions gears such as some Thermal Paste.

GELID Solutions is a brand that is known in the OC community for doing great thermal paste and as for many it is not always easy to get hands on some good stuff, we thought that the MOA would be a great opportunity to give some away to celebrate Overclocking.

Gelid solutions Extrreme
Gelid solutions Extreme

How to get it

Simple. Just come  down to the MOA venue or come to us on thursday night for a small meet-up at the hotel the evening before the competition (27th) to retrieve your gift bag and cheers friends. That’s it

Enjoy, and Keep pushing it!

Disclaimer: This is an independent news on behalf of OCTV and Gelid Solutions whitout link to the Master Overclocking Arena 2012 event by MSI.



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