Azerty Party 12- Overclocking with Liquid Nitrogen

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EDIT Oct. 15 : In addition to ryba and pepinorang, FoX (best Spanish overclocker and ranked 51th best Overclocker in the world) from spain will also join us for this event.

Dear readers, and you – geeks and nerdz hiding in you benchmarking’s lair – it’s time to see the sun and see great overclockers close to your place.

The OverClocking-TV’s Team will be part of the Azerty Party 12 from Oct. 23 to Oct. 25 in Parc des expositions, in Pau – France.

Overclocking-TV will be on stage of the GIGABYTE Booth, we will have multiple configurations to show you extreme overclocking and explain to you the pros and cons of this art.

Here is the official Press release from Overclocking-TV :

Overclocking-TV to show Extreme Overclocking at the Azerty Party 12 with GIGABYTE in Pau – France – 23-25 October 2009

Reims – October 14rd 2009 – For its first official public overclocking show, Overclocking-TV (OC-TV) chose the Azerty Party 12 that will be held in Parc des Expositions of Pau (France) on October 23-25, 2009.

Azerty Party 12
Azerty Party 12

The Azerty Party 12 will be the first round of the Master du Jeu Vidéo organized by the non-profit organization LanAlliance in cooperation with BattleFrance and CODGamer.During those 3 days,  multiple contests will be organized on games such as PES, Warcraft III, Counter-Strike Source, Counter-Strike and Call Of Duty 4… This 12th edition of the Azerty Party will receive 500 gamers from all parts of France in a 3000 feet square space.


For the whole duration of the event, Overclocking-TV, in partnership with GIGABYTE, will show Extreme Overclocking demos and will try to set new World Records in front of the visitors and the OC-TV viewers. “OverClocking-TV’s team will be on stage at the the Azerty Party 12 to present, initiate and explain to visitors and gamers  the fine art of Overclocking and new information technologies.” – Isaïe Trouffman Simonnet – Editor-In-Chief Overclocking-TV

Overclocking-TV is proud to present ryba and pepinor@ng as Guest-Star of this first official OC-TV public overclocking Demo. Ryba is ranked first in Poland and ranked 16th at the international level ; he participated in a few WolrdWide comtests achieving great results with his teammate Chaos. Pepinor@ng is a French overclocker in the top 500 of the World’s best Overclockers on Hwbot. After a break of several months, he will be back on the overclocking scene  with Overclocking-TV for the Azerty Party 12.


The Overclocking-TV crew will answer your questions on the GIGABYTE Booth at Azerty Party 12 to be held in Parc des Expositions de Pau – France from October 23-25. All shows from Overclocking-TV will be broadcast on the front page on and viewers will be able to interact with us via our live Chat.

More details about the Azerty Party 12:

More information about overclocking events at Azerty Party 12 :

Event FaceBook Overclocking-TV @ the Azerty Party 12 :

We will have gears from GIGABYTE regarding AMD and Intel setups, thanks to AMD that will provide us with top-of-range Phenom II 965 and a special Overclocking model called TWKR. Our partners for memory is also the Azerty Party 12’s partner Winchip, a Taiwanese memory brand looking for distributors in France and possibly Europe. You’ll be able to see the memory modules in dual and triple channel in the final setup as well as in our OC demo. Check the OCTV Gallery with the DDR3-2133Mhz Dual Channel KIT Winchip album.


Cooler Master will be our partner regarding the PSUs that will provide power for our overvolted setups. Gainward will also help us for some graphics cards, as they are also the Azerty Party 12’s partner.

In order to feed for those highly overclocked setup, we’re teaming up with one of the major actors in the world related to liquid nitrogen supplying: Linde-Gas. For information for people who never heard of this name, they have a sub-brand called “AGA” in multiple countries, but not in France.

OverCloking-TV will broadcast live and non-stop from Friday, October 23, 12:00 am – before the official opening of the doors- to Sunday, October 25 6:00 pm after the doors close, so that you’ll be able to watch everything from the Gigabyte Booth and Overclocking-TV OC demo. We will inform you soon about specific schedules with meetings and live talk shows during which you will be able to interact with our guests and Gigabyte representatives.

You will be able to react at any time and ask us questions during the events and the talk shows.


The Azerty party 12 is the first official event for Overclocking-TV as the organizer of the overclocking demo, and more events are yet to come, in France but also elsewhere in Europe or in North America. This can sound strange at first, but Overclocking-TV is really focused on the international level, but will not forget the local aspects as well as contact with our readers. React about this event on the forum (French).

Sponsor of the Azerty Party 12
Sponsor of the Azerty Party 12

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