LAN ETS : Ln2 overclocking, the 8Ghz apocalyse is here !

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Zombies, are trying to out-run the last humans on earth, to survive you have to be… fast ! Really fast ! Well not really, you just have to be faster than the person running besides you…

This Week-End in Montreal, Canadian gamers and enthusiast will gather to survive the apocalypse. Our mission there is to reach over 8Ghz to survive the apocalypse and the undead!

LAN ETS is the biggest LAN party in Canada, and this year, they are breaking a milestone with over 1000 gamers on site during the week-end.

During the LAN, we will be overclocking an AMD platform with CORSAIR Gears in order to reach over 8Ghz CPU  as well as exchanging with the gamers and enthusiast.

Need Moarhh Details !

  • Date: March 1rd till 3th, 2013
  • Location: Pavilion A, École de technologie supérieure, Montréal
  • Number of participants: 1000+
  • Total cash prize of the LAN: $17 500
  • Overclocking demo: CORSAIR

Like last year’s LAN ETS, CORSAIR will be the sponsor for the overclocking demonstration with keyboard, mouse, SSD and Memory. While the mainboard will be an ASUS Crosshair V and the CPU will be unveiled at the venue.

The official demo will be on Saturday, the time frame will be announced later this week, if you live in the Quebec province, or close to Montreal, come over and say hi :)! For everyone else, we won’t forget you and we will set up a minimalistic video stream along the week end.

Before this week-end you can still watch the video from last year’s overclocking demo :

Keep Pushing it !


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