Why Computex 2013-time was a major milestone in OC community.


Over the past few weeks the overclocking community is shaking up with the newly released Ivy-Bridge-E and refresh of the X79 Mainboard, but that is the tip of the iceberg…

Overclocking competitions final are coming this October, first with the ASUS AOOC Final in Moscow on Oct.4th followed by the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2013 Final on Oct. 18th/19th are gettign the attention deserved by the OC community.

Back in June there was the biggest gathering out of any competition, mostly people attending the computex and the multiple overclocking workshop.

As Massman said on Hwbot :

The 2013 edition of Taiwan’s biggest IT festival, Computex, was an incredible and fantastic experience with such a large amount of overclockers and overclocking shows. G.Skill, GIGABYTE, MSI, ASUS, Galaxy, Corsair, Intel all organized their extreme overclocking events, going from shows at the event booth, to high-value competitions, and headquarter after-parties.

In a cooperation project between OCTV and HWBOT, we would like to re-cap those glorious OC moments and give you a look at what went on last summer at Computex. Enjoy!

Thanks to Massman for the voice-over and the original idea. THanks to all the overclockers that were there, this community would not be the same without you guys !

This video has been produced for Hwbot, it is a project between Hwbot and OverClocking-TV… more to come…

Note : Don’t hesitate to share the video online on Facebook, twitter as well as you blog or site :) it’s free to use !

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