Elecomp 13, iran overclockers meet and greets at the country’s largest computer exhibition

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Elecomp has been considered as the most significant but also the most important event in Electronic, Computer hardware and E-Commerce in Iran.

This years, like the 18th previous edition’s of this event is held in the Tehran Permanent Fairground one of the leading exhibition center in Iran. The event is taking place fromt the 5th to the 8th of December 2013

And good news for Iranian Overclocking community : Most of the overclocking forums power users & Overclockers have a meeting in this exhibition!

The Overclocking Heroes OC team & forum members will attend the exhibition on Friday’s morning at 11:30 AM and have meeting. The Shahr SakhtAfzar OC team & forum members have meeting at Thursday 11:30 AM.

Some vendors and company related to computer & electronic hardware will be there a good opportunity to get there to discover new hardware and have some fun.

Avajang ICT Group (Gigabyte vendor in Iran) invited Hicookie for a LN2 party!

Green Planet Co. ( High Power & Cougar vendor) have some fun with OC!!

Moaarrhhhh news to come to let you know how this event is going on the Overclocking side of things, thanks to our OC-TV contributors attending the show.

For more information about the event, check the official website : 19th ELECOMP


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