HWBOT 10 Years Anniversary Gathering at Computex

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So, the word has finally been released. HWBOT is also adding it’s share of overclocking goodness for this years computex. This comes in addition to the many others that are planning to either host OC shows on the booth, fully fledge competitions or simply partys for worldwide overclockers that made the trip to the trade show.

10 Years, and over a million of submissions

HWBOT describes this event as a relaxed gathering of overclockers with unlimited LN2 supplies and of course a great load of fun. Noticeable details is also the 24h+ non-stop benching on June 7 to 8 which for sure many people will appreciate… if they are not planning on any party’s.

hwbot anniversary event schedule

Competitions at the event haven’t been announced yet, but we can expect that something will for sure be organized for the participants.

Costs of the event are mainly covered by HWBOT for the occasion, but a 25Euros entry ticket is required to secure for yourself one of the 50 seats available for the four days event at the MakerBar.

This leads us to the venu for this event. Conveniently located at walking distance from the religiously famous computer market here in Taipei, the MakerBar is the perfect place for this sort of events. Having myself been to the place a few times, I can tell you – it’s going to rock!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 5.21.28 PM

We are looking forward to attend this event. Off course the venu comes with “proper” internet (100/100) which will allow us to stream to all those that might not have the chance to make a trip to Taipei.

Update : We can confirm that we will be streaming the event all along with competition updates and feedback on our Twitch.TV/overclockingtv Live page and chat.

Follow the link to the Facebook event page.

See you there!


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