New memory WR with Corsair GTX2


Our danish M.Beier just broke a new memory World record with the latest stunning Corsair memory serie.

Corsaire released the Dominator GTX2 jste few days ago and new World record are being smashed…

With no more than 1170 MHz  in CAS 6-7-6, this is a new World record from what we know. The motherboard used is a GIGABYTE P55A-UD6 and the ratio divider was 2:12 (or 1:6).
M.Beier informed us that the result was made under air cooling only and is expecting more in the next few days.

Corsair memory WR CPU-Z validation

Note : be sure to differenciate multiple settings, this is not the biggest frequency in memory ever, it’s jsut the biggest frequency reached for 6-7-6 timings.


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