K|ngp|n vs ASUS Rampage Extreme: Man Wins!


This is a video from our friend BenchZowner:

Vince ( K|ngp|n ) recently started broadcasting live some of his extreme overclocking sessions on LiveStream.
A few days ago ( 01/19/2010 ) he decided to give his Asus Rampage Extreme another go ( this one has or should I say had… some issues ).
The golden ( 6.5GHz+ 3D benchable ) Core 2 Duo E8600 was seated in the LGA775 socket and K|ngp|n’s astonishing F1 Extreme Edition CPU pot was mounted to cool it down with the help of Liquid Nitrogen.
After trying for 20 minutes or so, it was a dead end, and the board refused to operate the processor at any frequency over 6.35GHz.
After some thinking, Vince decided to swap the board and use another platform but… this wasn’t an ordinary motherboard swap.
He was nervous and mad, obviously mad enough to put my mad and naughty ideas to life!
Vince said “I’m going to destroy this board guys, what do you think ?” and I said “Blow torch her!”.
Enjoy the rest of the story in the video!

Sometimes it’s really hard to work that damn long to get something pretty fast our of the boards and then when everything should get better, everything blow and you happens with few (a lot ?) of hours spent on a system for nothing…

Hope next board won’t suffer the same treatment! Special Thanks to BenchZowner and K|ngP|n.


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