Hands on Thermal Grizzly’s Kryonaut thermal grease

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During the HWBOT World Tour 2015 European stop, Roman Hartung (aka. der8auer) brought two special items with him. The new BEAST LN2 pot he just launched but also another, so far kept-secret, product the Kryonaut thermal grease by Thermal Grizzly.

Kryonaut, the ultimate thermal grease for sub-zero overclocking

According to Thermal Grizzly’s marketing, the new Kryonaut thermal grease is an “ultra high performance thermal grease”. Is is designed for Overclocking offering an excellent thermal conductivity as well as a long-term stability.

The reason why Roman brought the new yet unreleased product with him is due to the fact that he personally got involved with the research and development work. It took many months of hard and strict scientific research work for the combo Thermal Grizzly/Der8auer to work out the ultimate recipe for the best thermal grease.

Below, some pictures of the packaging as well as the product:

As you can see, the packaging of this thermal grease is quite simple. Also the searing comes with a special tooling to facilitate the spreading of the grease onto the CPU. Germany engineering & quality at its best!

Discussion with Der8auer about the Kryonaut thermal grease

As Roman was attending the HWBOT World Tour 2015 European stop at the Gamers Assembly (France’s largest LAN Party), we invited him over on the stream to tell us more about how this product got engineered and developed from A to Z. This insightful discussion lasts for about 45 minutes but definitely is worth every single minute. Enjoy!


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