Campus party Europe 2012 – Resume of the week

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As you can see in the last news, we (AkaNe and Xyala) are at the Campus Party in Berlin. We will stay until tomorrow but officially, the campus party finished at 10pm. So let’s back on what happened on this awesome week.

Campus Party over the world

Campus Party Europe 2012 at Berlin Tempelhof Airport
Campus Party Europe 2012 at Berlin Tempelhof Airport

Campus Party is the largest global technology festival where innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment come together. For one week, 24-hours-a-day thousands of campuseros (hackers, developers, gamers and geeks) equipped with laptops camp on-site surrounded by a unique environment where talks, workshops, competitions and hackathons take place simultaneously.

Currently, there are annual editions taking place in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bogota (Colombia), Valencia (Spain), Quito (Ecuador) and Mexico City (Mexico) in addition to special European, Millennium and Ibero- America events. The festival in Berlin will be the first Campus Party to be held in Germany.

Multiple Subjects

Astronomy, robotics, hack, Hardware, biotechnology, social media,entrepreneurship,videos, music, design, programming, security, networking…. And finally overclocking. All of these subjects brought together under the roof of Berlin’s old Tempelhof airport. All the conferences have been recorded so if your want to watch it, simply visit the Campus Party Youtube channel.

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If some conference were not of interest for us, others clearly caught our eyes. Here are a few of them with the links to the youtube videos if you want to have a look.:

Overclocking workshop

The overclocking workshops, allowed the campuseros to discover and practice overclocking. To hold it, the following overclockers were here to explain first the basics, and in the last workshops all the secrets of extreme overclocking. Among them: Pieter-Jan PlaiSier “Massman”, Jon Sandström “Elmor”, Michael Keilhoz “Websmile”, Christian Ney, Roman Hartung “der8auer”, Marcin Rywak “Ryba” and Semjons Avdejevs “TaPaKaH”. If you want to know more about the workshop, check our previous news on the topic.

During the campus party, the overclockers also did some benching. Not much happened though on the score side but Ryba broke the europe record on SuperPI 32m and Christian Ney broke the world record on DDR1 but lost it some minutes later again….

Last word

This Campus Party was really good. On the ground the organization went very well (normal: Germany). The overclocking workshops were a big success and we are definitely looking forward for the next one. We hope that next time more overclockers will travel and join us for even more fun!

Big thanks for the overclockers there and the Campus party that made us win the tickets for entry and camp-ground.

Keep pushing it!


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