ASUS OC Showdown at DreamHack Winter 2009

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Hello world,

We arrived well in Jönköping, Sweden for the Asus OC Showdown event on the Dreamhack. Everyone ? no, Hipro5 is missing, and will be replaced by MeanMachine who is Swedish and could replace him quickly.

Todays program have been as follow:

Check in at hotel (17.20-18) Arrivée à l’hôtel vers 17h20-18h

Go to DreamHack and check it out (18-20.15). Mostly lobby talking and hanging out in ASUS Booth area.

We will all go for dinner 19.50 (GMT) and update futher when possible.

List of the teams:

  • Round 1: Elmor vs Mean Machine
  • Round 2: SF3D vs ME4ME
  • Round 3: Stummerwinter vs Giorgioprimo
  • Round 4: Sampsa vs Massman


Streaming will be starting at 9:30 GMT Time.

November 27th

  • 10.00 Bracket 1
  • 13.00 Bracket 2
  • 16.00 Bracket 3
  • 19.00 Bracket 4
  • 02.00 Booth closes


  • Intel Core I7 870
  • ASUS Maximus III Extreme
  • EAH5870
  • OCZ Memory (6×2gb super binned, each IC is screened individualy)
  • OCZ PSUs
  • kingpincooling F1EE
  • Dimastech HARD v2.5

News will be updated tomorrow all along the competition, so stay tuned!


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