GOOC 2010 Europe – Final Scores – East Europe Massive attack !

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We are in Mallorqua Spain to cover the complete day, if you follow us on twitter with the #GOOC2010 tag or on the Live Radio Show we held on the live broadcast  you may have seen that the second round was EPIC.

Massman is leading the competition with a monster CPU that can reach 6Ghz+, he secured the first position almost directly after the first round and then manage to keep this advance with pretty good scores.

The contestant from Serbia, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Romania and Germany had all the capabilities to move on top of the score board is they manage to get a decent SuperPi 8m and wPrime 32. But in this race competitors with a good CPU maintain a great headroom for advance.

And this is it ! Turkey and Romania manage to get excellent result with first place in wPrime 32M for Erdemolkun (Turkey) 2.812sec, when Matose from Romania was obtaining a good 3rd place on the SuperPi 8M with 1min 18.437sec. both earning 20 points more.

Serbia – Perica_barii also did an impressive job, with the second best SuperPi 8M score (1min 17.766s), with Turkey and Romania they have all 50 points in the final results calculation. The best PiFast Score apply for the ranking then.

Very close below then is Russia, – slamms and despite no wPrime 32m scores, securing the best SuperPi 8M score and earning 8point make this logn time overclocker secured the Fifth place.

All the top 5 Get a ticket to the WorldWide final in Taipei and this is a massive strike by all the east european guy and a great show of for massman !

Strange things happens to the big famous guys, especially hipro5 that only manage to score 12 points and have no wPrime 32M scores, Ryba that manage to get 16 points and also no wPrim32M scores. Finally Elmor only scored 2 points but manage to submit all the benchmarks in time.

Too bad for Spain (Predator) that break his MB pretty fast and as he said us on twitter : “the board is ln2 killed”, and Aerou hat definetly need to prepare more as this was his first Gulftown action. JB Marmott from France also didn’t manage to submit any scores in the round2.

Most of the contestant run into insulation issues and also memory trouble, with the RAM slot on the right side disconnecting ramdomly, HiCookie told us on the live stream that may become from the mounting system of the CPU pots that put a lot a pressure on the PCB and sometime bend it an create strnage behavior.

We would like to sincerely thanks all our friends and Guest that take their time to be on the Live Radio Show on the Broadcast, Tim Handley, Dinos22, Monstru, Sascha35, Ryan, Filmbot, Subaruwrc, NeoForce, e-killer, Przemyslaw and Maj0r. We also thanks the 200+ viewers that watched the live broadcast and make us feel to really continue pushing this kind of coverage.

Stay tuned for the aftermovie and the interview of the contestant and judges in few days !


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