Our three days at Dreamhack

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As we have the chance to do a little coverage from the dreamhack, and because there is “technically” speacking nothing to announce, we’ll simply share with you the few pics taken and short videos recorded there :)

Day 1

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Day 2

Today, no live streaming due to my classes at university that took me most of my day. Arrived on Dreamhack around 4pm. After a quick hello to Elmor and some people from MSI and CoolerMaster, I went to the Games Semi-finals of Guitar Hero (.. it’s impressive! ) and Hero of Newearth where MSI’s team (Fnatic) about an hour ago successfully took the champion place of the tournament ! Congratz to them :)

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Day 3

Third and last day at dreamhack was for us really exciting with the finals of Starcraft 2. The battle for the first place took about five rounds of about 30minutes each. The two competitors demonstrated impressive skills and an OPS (operation per seconds) for both about 200 !

After these finals, we went to some metal/grindcore concerts that took place on the main stage. The first band didn’t had much success, but the second one received a huge cheering from the Dreamhack public.

Dreamhack is now over for this year, today (Sunday) gamers are packing and going home for a good shower and some sleep before starting classes on monday morning (average age on Dreamhack is 16)

We would like to thanks MSI for the invitation, and hop to be part of the next Dreamhack in Summer 2011!


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