Review: VIZO Ninja notebook cooler

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For most of us, our laptops are very badly designed when it comes to airflow and cooling. Maybe some of us tried already to do a slight overclocking on their old notebooks trying to reach a few megahertz more before actually thinking to buy a new one. Or simply you are using the Turbo mode of your MSI gaming notebook etc. Anyway, it heats, and a lot! This week we propose you a little review of a notebook cooling solution. The main question behind this review: is it worth it ? The silent notebook cooling solution that will be tested is the VIZO Ninja notebook cooler. Is has 2 low noise fans and works on usb as most of the similar solutions. So let’s take a look at it.

VIZO Technology Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and designer of computer peripheral products serving customers around the world. Established in Taiwan in 1992, VIZO has expanded and now operates in the market completely reorganized and prepared to meet the demand for high quality products which are “Made in Taiwan”.

We have the best team and own completely innovative technology. Our company’s philosophy is simple: share results among the employees, build trust with our customers, maximize efficiency in our work and innovation in our designs. Utilizing many years of experience and a mature skill set, VIZO is able to provide PC users an incredible variety of “Do It Yourself” products and peripherals.

Pursuing growth, efficiency and innovation has always been the essence of VIZO’s research and product development. Our goal for the near future is to constantly strive for technological advances and perfection in product quality. During our daily searching for new ideas, our growing company continues to supply additional features to our flashy products and constantly reaches for the leading position in the global market.

Source: VIZO

Presentation and content

Here is how the package arrived. The retail version is the same besides of course of the “sample” sticker that figures on ours. VIZO claims for that products three main arguments that are: low noise, aluminum chassis and some ergonomic angle design.

On the read there is a little description of the product, technical specs, features and some other details on the product or VIZO. Of course for this cooler no manual is required, anyone can figure out easily how to use it, right?


Little detail, the easy carrying belt on the package.

So as we said before, the two fans on the chassis are powered through USB. The connector is male and female si you don’t loose a USB port. This is an important detail as on some laptops the amount of USBs is pretty limited.

So here is the cooler out of the box:

On that side of the cooler you can see where we plug the power cable and switch on the fans.

If you are wondering why there is a little tilt angle on the back, it is not just a design element of the chassis. This is apparently according to the builder made for increasing the airflow.

When we turn the chassis and take a look under, here is what we’ve got. Nothing extraordinary, there are 4 rubber pieces to avoid the sleeping on the desk and you can see how the fans are mounted.

Technical specifications

A couple of technical specs of this Ninja Notebook cooler.

  • Housing Dimensions : 320mm x 300mm x 40mm
  • Housing Material : Aluminum
  • USB BUS Power : 5V / 500mA
  • DC Fan Dimensions : 70mm x 70mm x 15mm ( 2 PCS )
  • Bearing Type : Sleeve Bearing
  • Speed : 2000 RPM
  • Noise Level : 20 dBA
  • Max Air flow : 13.72( Min:11.22 )CFM
  • Rated Voltage : DC 5 V
  • Rated Current : 0.24 A
  • Compatibility : 8″ ~ 15.4″ notebook PC
  • Weight : 1050 g


Here is the simple 3 steps installation

I – We must connect the end of the adapter to the base.

II – Then plug the USB end into an empty port on the notebook or netbook.

III – And finally, we will turn on the switch. That’s it :)


For running the benches we are going to use the notebook I have right under my hands, an Acer Aspire 4540 with a good heating AMD Processor!  To test the performance of the cooler, we will have two situation. First running PCMark05 at stock as a 24/7 usage. And second, the extreme testing where we push the notebook to the maximum heat it can produce while running on it LinX 0.6.4.

The temperatures will be given for the minimum measured and the maximum.

The delta temperature measurement is the recorded ambient temp in the lab obtained through the calculation of the average temp from multiple records of the ambient temperature in the lab from the beginning till the end of the benchmark..

Situation : 24/7 use

Delta temperature : 15° C

It appears already in the normal 24/7 situation that the difference is noticeable. The heat is still quite high, but pretty normal for this kind of notebooks with plastic casing.

Situation : extreme

Delta temperature : 16° C

The extreme situation show us clearly and without any subterfuge that the stock cooling is having serious competition and the temperatures shows that for keeping your notebook alive, a solution like this in the hot summer is something required.


The best

  • Silence
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Price

Silence, the 2 fans that rotate continuously between 1000 and 2000 RPM are quiet, their little noise is comfortable.

Design, is ergonomic and visually sympathetic.

Performance; this cooler fulfills the cooling requirement awaited from it. It has demonstrated that in extreme cases i can make the difference between a toasted notebook and a surviving one.

Price; you can find this product for about 30-45USD which is a pretty good price/performance compromise for this notebook cooler.

Should improve

  • Include a led

The fans are so quiet that it is sometimes difficult to know when the computer is on if the cooler is switched on or not.


As is a product that to complies with our expectations (kill the temperature of our overheating laptops) it has a sympathic design and  is easy to install, we recommend it.


Overclocking-TV is grateful with the VIZO company and especially Jane Zuo, for their trust in us again.


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