Labs Preview: Larkooler Extreme Performance G1/4″

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As we all know, summer season is the time of the year when our precious processors are suffering the most from the heat. This is the time when we need to take care of them by providing the most efficient as possible chilling system.

Many solutions exist nowadays in the computer industry to provide an efficient cooling. One of these solution is the one that arrived today and we would like to present you. This is a solution by “Larkooler“.

Here is how the system packaged arrived in our labs.

Now, a quick look the waterblock for the CPU. It’s simple and has elegant design.

The radiator: This radiator deserves everyone’s respect. It’s heavy and mounted with 2 fans of 12 cms with LEDs.

The pump attached to the reservoir. As other watercooling sets, they took the smart choice to deliver them attached together.

And finally, the tubes and the liquid coolant.

We would like to thank Larkooler and especially Samuel Liu for his trust.

The review about this watercooling set will be released in a couple of days with all details you need as temps measurements, efficiency and a critical evaluation of the product.


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