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As some of you may have heard of, or seen some grasps of it on Facebook during the last week, overclocking competitions seems to be approaching from every corner these days. Is 2012 the year which will see ASRock entering the live overclocking competitions ? Maybe not yet, but today a new step seems to have been reached towards that goal.

Nick Shih is working at ASRock on developing better overclocking motherboards. The same way it has worked out great for other manufacturers, in house overclockers are definitely the way for vendors to truly enhance their overclocking products and take a stake in the continuous wave of worldwide overclocking enthusiasm.

Today we have been invited on behalf of ASRock Taiwan to the global launch of their overclocking competition in partnership with Futuremark along other sponsors as Intel, Kingston, CoolerMaster, Sparkle and Roccat. As you can read, I just mentioned futuremark as a major sponsor in this competition, and it defines the competition to be 3D exclusively with 3DMark11 (Performance) as the only benchmark.

The official website is stating pretty simple rules for this competition and allows overclockers to compete with SandyBridge and SandyBridge-E processors. The only constraints is to use an ASRock motherboard and hit the best score on 3DMark11-P with any brand of VGA.

The rules 

  • Contest is open to all 3DMark 11 users with an ASRock brand motherboard and Intel Sandy Bridge-E/ Sandy Bridge CPU.
  • Must use the 3DMark 11 -Performance preset, highest score wins.
  • All entries must use Futuremark approved drivers.
  • No limit to number of entries, try as many times as you want to win!
  • There is no limit to the number of GPUs or graphics cards.
  • All hardware must be released and commercially available.
  • The benchmark result entries must be public to be eligible for the contest.
  • No repeated winner is allowed during the entire competition.
  • Contest weeks change every Monday, 1pm GMT.
  • No warranty is provided on the prize.
  • ASRock and Futuremark reserve the right to reject any entry.
  • For a winner list, visit Futuremark Facebook page, ASRock Facebook page, or ASRock website.
  • The winner list will be posted after winner confirmation is complete.
  • Prizes will be shipped directly from ASRock.

As I said, pretty straight forward and these should not stop ASRock owners to have fun benching.

On the gift side, ASRock announced  prizes in two different categories: SandyBridge and SandyBridge-E.


The price for SandyBridge-E overall champion has a value of 3000USD. 1000USD cash and 2000USD worth of hardware.

Then, as the contest is covering several weeks, the champion from each week will be receiving 1000 USD worth of hardware as reward.


For the SandyBridge users, prices have a little lower value. The overall champion will be rewarded with 2100USD all in hardware.

Then the weekly champions will be receiving 600USD worths of reward.

So I’m not going to talk more and let you share your opinion and join the competition ;)

Summary :

Pictures of the launch event: (as usual, under CC-BY-NC-SA license : feel free to share and re-use / share alike)

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Author : Timothee Pineau (Xyala)


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